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We provide a wide variety of documents, including:

Standard Travel per mile

It involves calculating the cost for each mile traveled, providing a transparent breakdown of your journey's financial implications.


It represent a modern approach to handling your documents. eDocs simplify the process of managing and sharing important paperwork digitally.

Witness Fee

A witness fee acknowledges the fundamental role played by individuals who provide testimony or presence.

Per Deposition

It is an innovative platform designed to facilitate the exploration and sharing of personal testimonies

Extra per Mile

It is an additional charge assessed for each mile traveled beyond a certain predefined distance or included allocation

Copy/Package up to 60pp

It offers a seamless experience for all your copying and packaging needs.

Serve Court Doc (Subpoenas, etc)

It is a legal instrument used in the judicial process to command an individual's appearance in court or the production of specific documents, records, or evidence relevant to a case.

Tax Documents

These are essential records that individuals, businesses, and organizations compile and submit to government authorities to fulfill their legal obligations regarding taxation.

Wait Time every 30 minutes

It a scheduling or routine practice where individuals or systems allocate a designated period of 30 minutes for waiting or idle time at regular intervals.

Print Black/White per page

It offers high-quality black and white printing solutions on a per-page basis.


It telecommunications service that enables the transmission of documents over telephone lines.

Standard Same Day Service Fee

It is a charge levied by a service provider for expedited services that are requested and delivered within the same day.